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Whoo hoo My first meme!!!

October 24, 2007

Poseidon’s Muse at Ramblings from the Mermaid Tavern (a site as fun and mystical and magical as its name) tagged me for the “ABC’s About Me” meme.  I am supposed to post the instructions for the blog and describe some randomly quirky things about myself alphabetically (all in the name of fun).  Oh, and I need to tag some people too (if I tag you and you don’t feel like playing, you won’t hurt my feelings…but we’d sure love to get to know some fun facts about you…so please try to jot some stuff down and participate).

Here goes…

Hehehe.. I copied all of the above from Poseidon’s Muse and just edited the names…thank you!!

The legal “yadda, yadda” as quoted from PM’s site:

“The instructions say that each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information.”

A:  Aquarius, born at 11:59 on the 18th, one minute short of Pisces!

B: Brown, Amy how her faeries aren’t “pretty” like human women are..they look like faeries!!

C: Cats, currently 4 of them.  My husband just managed to save me from becoming the crazy cat lady!!

D: Daring, I’ll try anything at least once

E: Easily-amused..silly things crack me up (but not most comedians!)

F: France…I want to sit in a cafe with a croissant and cafe au lait, just once!

G: Grounding, still my biggest weakness in magical workings and life in general

H: Hopeless romantic (shhh…that’s one of my biggest secrets!)

I: Independent, sometimes to a fault

J: Jealous (sometimes) of women who are free to travel often and to many places

K: Kings and Kingdoms…can’t name them or tell you when they ruled (translates to I hated studying history and still can’t really get into it)

L: Love to read, but mostly just fun fiction..though I do read everything I can get my hands on!!

M: Married young, only 19 when we tied the knot

N: Nose..mine has too many freckles

O: Open-minded about everything!

P: Proud pagan for the last 2 years or so

Q: Quiet.. IRL, you would never even know I was in the room!

R: Resourceful..give me a few minutes, and I can solve most of my own problems

S: still smoking, even though I know better (cut me some slack..I was up to a pack a day when I was 9!!)

T: Tarot..even though I’ve had my decks and have used them faithfully for the last year, I still need the little book

U:Underweight….but working on it!

V: Virginia, the state I still think of as home even though I haven’t lived there for 15 years ( I feel old!)

W:Wild about my convertible (1991 Mustang GT named Sassy Kat..of course the car as a name!!)

X:X-rays I’ve seen the broken bones that I’ve healed for myself..way cool!

Y:Younger than my age..I think I’m 16 instead of 31

Z:Zebras..I always wanted a pet one like that woman from the movie

And I’m tagging Aerolin from Becoming and Sara from Pagangodspell

2 Comments leave one →
  1. poseidonsmuse permalink
    October 24, 2007 4:25 pm

    Hi Signmom! Thanks for taking the Meme and running with it! Good job! Fascinating answers too.

    I certainly think we have a kindred connection – I kept nodding my head saying “I would have answered that, just like that…” many times. Lol!

    Give my regards to Sassy Kat and the four kitties!

    That latte in France sounds fantastic!


  2. Grace permalink
    October 26, 2007 3:57 am

    Oh, you did a FAB job on this!!! 🙂 I’m so happy Muse tagged you ;-)…

    I LOVE Amy Brown, too! 🙂 When I was debating what I wanted for my first tatoo, I had a couple of her pieces in hand.

    But..the Butterfly Maiden called – Hey, we all have wings, right???


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